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"We'll definitely go back"

posted Oct 19, 2009, 5:09 PM by Napoli Pizza   [ updated Mar 30, 2010, 1:19 PM ]
Amazing food, and for two with an appetizer it was STILL one of the cheaper lunches we've had in this area (less than $30), plus the portions were veeeery generous.

I said we should order garlic bread, and the boyfriend ordered the garlic CHEESE bread. Glad he did because it was delicious-- not TOO cheesy, not TOO garlicky, but a good serving of each.

For my entree I got the chicken marsala, which was amazing. I wasn't especially impressed with the additional pasta and tomato sauce on the side-- they were okay, but not really necessary with the marsala, I think I would rather have just had it on plain angel hair noodles so I could savor that delicious marsala sauce.

The boyfriend got the strombolli, which was also delicious. And then, just when we'd decided we were ready for to-go boxes, our waiter (who I gather was also the owner) brought us some delicious-looking rolls! We were too full to eat them so we saved them and unfortunately, they didn't keep well. But they looked amazing fresh and I bet they tasted it, too. We'll definitely go back...once we've had a few days to recover from eating all our leftovers!